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Thinking about a big sealed build (big to me at least)

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Stereo Integrity HT 18's are now going to for 160 shipped. For the quality of the speaker, that's a very good value. 22mm xmax, very quiet suspension up until about 25mm or so, xmech at 32. Low inductance, uses shorting rings with a smallish coil, woofers can mechanically play up to 200hz without issues, so normal sub crossover is no sweat. For playing music and sounding good daily, these should be tits.

Anyways since they are a high bandwidth driver and have very soft suspensions, I'm thinking about doing a sealed box for 4-6 of them, space permitting. That way I won't have to deal with port resonance or any other nasties that limit bandwidth, simplier build as well, it'd be my first wall. 4 of them will be good for nearly 130db just in the lower midbass region, no cabin gain, it'll keep up with my high quality pro audio frontstages I love so much

If I give each driver 3.5-4 cubes I can power them all off a Ampere Audio 3800.1 that I just got. I'll have paid total between 1200-1700 for the subs AND amp lol, that's great for everything being new, I think..

Probably a B pillar wall, havent decided yet. Has anyone ever sat in a large sealed build before, maybe JP's van, or anythign similar? Just looking for subjective impressions. I've actually never metered any of my cars, just not a goal of mine... I'm coming off of a ported 21 on 2k in the cargo area, so this shoudl be a good upgrade due to cone area alone, even if I do 4 due to more cone area AND much smaller cabin. It'll be minimum of 3x the cone area give or take a bit, losing the ports displacement, but these woofers have more xmax down low.

Edit: Before anyone say's "move this to the SPL forum" this thing is purely for daily driving and listening to music. Yes, I will blast Young Jeezy or Lil Wayne through it, yes, I will also then turn the subs down to listen to some eagles or Alice in Chains lol.
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I'll let you know how my SHD does in a sealed box versus the small ported. Hoping to drop it in tomorrow. I won't have it very long, changing both amps and new subs too, but I'll give you at least a few days worth of impressions.

What about another 21 ported?
That was my original, original plan lol. 2 21's ported in the B-C Pillar wall (not using all the cargo room) The second 21 would still cost me another 700 dollars, so I'll be out a very similar amount of money in either case . Only thing I don't like about 21's is so few companies make them, limits my choices in driver, especially since the 21 I have now uses a different basket than the IA and Tantric 21's do.
Is the basket a different size?

You've been happy with the response of your current one right? Just want more output. Makes sense to me to just add another one, since you already know it's solid. Then again, if you don't like the SI's you could swap them out pretty easy for any 18. Although 4 cubes is still kinda on the small side for most sealed 18's, with the type of response you are probably expecting. Could always stuff it though.

Did you order those SDX 12's?
No sir, not yet. Started a new thread actually lol.
I can go bigger, but these have a REALLY soft supension. The 600 rms is soley mechanical, the coils can handle 1000 clean no issues, I've been told. The FS is 16hz, not due to a heavy cone, the cone and coil are pretty normal, it's just a very soft supension lol. I'm usually a big sealed box kind of guy, but I don't want to run into mechanical issues down low, although I will have EQ at my disposal I suppose. Better to have extra effeciency to burn it as it's not needed than to start ineffecient from the get go.. I never worry too much about box size, but SI's reccomended sealed is only 4 cubes and I assumed that was for HT duty.
Yeah, I think that's the right size for those, just mentioning incase you want to swap them out. On paper it looks like a solid plan. Now how that translates to in your car is the question.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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