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Tick the "SIS Audio" Option Box ;) - 2015 335i "OEM" SQ - Morel, Arc, AF, Mosconi

It seems with every new generation of cars coming off the assembly line, technologies has steadily improved...better fuel economy AND more power? yup! More software to keep you from crashing? Check! Bigger and more comfortable interior? You bet!

So it is a bit perplexing perhaps that OEM car audio not only havent really improved over the last decade or so, for some cars, it has taken a step backwards. The late model bmws are among those vehicles. Take the venerable 3 series for example. The E90 series had, in all honesty, a pretty crappy stock system, with in HK trim, but when we did our first F30 3 series a few years back, we were shocked to noticed that overall, the system seems to have degraded in performance...maybe its the cheaper amp or speakers, or maybe its the tuning, regardless of what it is, i felt that at every trim level, the E90 actually sounded better than the F30. Again, odd in this day of technical advancement.

Not that i am complaining of course :) it just means more work for us and an even greater appreciation of the end result by the customer.

This particular car belongs to an old customer of ours, who previously had us do his E90 335i, infact, it was my introduction to late model bmws back in the day. He is located down in southern california and after sampling a few F30s down there, he immediately realized that there is no way he was going to live with the stock system.

So the plan was formed for him to purchase a vehicle up here in norcal remotely, and have the dealer deliver the vehicle to us for the audio overhual, and then he would come up to take delivery. So in a sense, consider this the "SiS Audio Upgrade" package option on the car, as he won't even see the vehicle until after we were done with it.

so lets get started with the goals:

1. achieve a much higher level of sound quality over the oem HK system

2. maintain a totally oem appearance in the interior

3. maintain as much usable trunk space in the trunk and keep as many things hidden as possible

lets first take a look at the car, which again, was driven fresh off the dealer lot to us, fully loaded with the M sport package and its CF bits. quite a nice and clean looking car:

a quick shot of the interior which again, looks 100 percent stock:

Jesse did all the work in the trunk and a few other areas, while i pitched in with some work and tuning.

the front stage consists of our standard goto set for higher end SQ and late model BMWs. The oem tweeters were replaced with a set of Morel MT350 tweets, these small format tweets fit great in the oem location, and as part of the high end titanium elate set, they work wonderfully in almost all locations that we have stuck them in.

here are the oem tweeter mounts in the sail panels, attached also to the rest of the door frame garnish:

and here are the oem tweeters as they are replaced by the morel MT350s, and the oem foam backing put back on:

then, new speaker wires were run into the door:

and the area around the speaker opening was deadened with some STP CLD damper:

the outer door panel also received some blackhole Tiles:

a pair of speaker adapter rings were then fabricated and coated with truck bedliner:

and a pair of Morel Hybrid 4" midranges were snapped in:

the mid and tweet were then wired up and installed:

and those perhaps unneccesary, the door card also got some CLD around the speaker opening:

the same process was then repeated on the passenger side:

moving onto the underseat woofers. as usual, a pair of Gladen OEM fitment woofers replaces the almost useless stock units in the oem enclosures. These speakers work great as midbasses in this application.

first, here are the oem drivers in the enclosures:

they were removed and the inside of the oem enclosures were completely lined with CLD, with the outer surface that contacts the car's body got wrapped in a foam barrier:

the Gladen woofers were then installed and wired up:

and the entire package bolted back into the vehicle and the top grille installed:

so thats it for the front stage, moving onto the wiring. here are a series of wiring pics showing the wiring bundle as it travels from the front to the back of the car. as our standard OP for cars with rear mounted batteries, we ran all the wires, including speaker cables, down the driver side of the car, away from the car's main power cable.

So we started with the speaker wires for the passenger side midbass, and follow it as it joins with the passenger side mid and tweeter wires, going under the glovebox, over to under the driver side dash, and back, adding the driver side speaker wires along the way:


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Re: Tick the "SIS Audio" Option Box ;) - 2015 335i "OEM" SQ - Morel, Arc, AF, Mosconi

the last thing on the interior was to pop off the rear deck cover and add some CLD damper on the rear deck:

the bundle then goes into the trunk, following the oem bundle's route, the stock wiring conduit was removed, and then reinstalled after the new cables were added to the bundle:

moving into the trunk wiring. the main power cable comes from the battery, and moves down towards the floor in the same manner as the driver side, the stock conduit was once again removed and reinstalled:

and for the car's signal source, here is the stock HK amp previous located on a bracket on the driver side of the trunk:

that was removed a new plate was fabricated, wrapped in vinyl, and secured to the oem bracket:

in place of the stock amp went a Mobridge DA2, which interprets the stock MOST optical signal and converts it to a very high quality analog output for the rest of the system.

this was then wired up and installed into the car, and the cables from there run forward to meet the bundle coming from the interior of the car:

moving onto the trunk. again, the goal here was to be very stealthy and hidden. to that end, here is what Jesse came up with. here is the normal view, and as you can see, the only thing visible is a fiberglass side enclosure for a 10" sub. with the matching carpeted breathable grille in place, it is very unassuming:

pop off the grille and you see an audiofrog GS10 10" subwoofer peering out at you

the rest of the system components are all hidden in the oem storage well under the stock floor. Here jesse really spent some time and fabricated a cool two piece cover plate that consists of a vinyl main section, and press fit grille with a CF vinyl wrapped border and a pressed grille that rises up to match the contours of the cutout.

under the grille you can see two arc audio xdiv2 amps, a 1200.6 powers the underseat woofers and the sub, while a 600.4 poweres the midrange and tweeter. all the wiring for the system enters the well at the front, fully tesa taped like most of the oem wiring bundle. a Mosconi 6to8v8 DSP resides under the amps and controls the entire system. Clean and Classy :)

a few more pictures of the entire trunk build:


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Re: Tick the "SIS Audio" Option Box ;) - 2015 335i "OEM" SQ - Morel, Arc, AF, Mosconi

onto the build pics of the trunk. first up is the sub box.

first, Jesse removed the carpet from the car, and being pretty rigid, this carpet allowed him to do the mold with it outside the car. the whole area was taped off, waxed, and first, a bottom plate was made out of mdf and sealed against the edges with filler:

when that cured, he removed it from the car, trimmed it to the desired shape, and then fabricated a mounting ring complete with side wall for the flush mount grille:

the ring was then attached to the mold, and fleece pulled:

that was resined, filler applied, and sanded smooth. it was then test fitted in the vehicle:

and then it was sprayed with adhesive and carpeted:

if you loose closely at the above two picture, you can see that the front area of the enclosure was also dyed a darker shade to better match the oem carpet.

the enclosure was then bolted to the car, wired up, and blackhole stuff put into the enclsoure:

finally, the press fit breathable grille was made:

moving to the amp rack. first, two rivetnuts were installed into the floor of the well:

then jesse fabricated a two tier rack that will house the amps, the dsp and all the distribution:

everything was then installed and prewired on the bench:

the amps were then removed, along with the top tier of the amp rack, and the remaining portion as then bolted to the car and wired up:

and then the top tier was installed along with the amps and the wires hooked back up:

Turning our attention to the top cover...which is simple in appearance but required quite a bit of work.

after the top plate was fabricated, jesse made the border of the press fit grille, wrapped it with foam tape to give it clearance for vinyl, and tape off the profile of the raised shape he wanted to achieve:

filler was laid down, tape peeled away, and then a lot of fine sanding got it down to a raised profile on the main panel:

the grille border was then test fitted to the panel for proper clearance:

then he fabricated a jig and pressed the grille and test fitted to the border piece:

this was then test fitted to the vehicle one more time:

the grille border was then wrapped with 3M Dinoc CF vinyl to match his exterior and interior accents:

while the main cover panel got wrapped in graphite vinyl, and the two pieces press fit together to form the final product:

so thats it. :) as with most of our late model BMWs, this car sounded really good, words away from the stock system.

center image, depth, height, and width is all quite good, and the undseat gladens produces an ample amount of impact and snap. This is the first time we have utlized the AF GS10 in one of these cars, and i can report that it sounds really good...a bit more impact and SQ than the drivers we have used in the past. With the center portion of the backseat folded down, it really can move a bit of air in the interior. and with the morel mid and tweeter, the overall sound can best be described as balanced, airy and very very pleasing even at high volumes.

So next time you or your friend is buying a new bmw, maybe think about ticking off the "SIS Sound Package" option box as well? :D :p ;)



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Re: Tick the "SIS Audio" Option Box ;) - 2015 335i "OEM" SQ - Morel, Arc, AF, Mosconi

bing, that is a hot drift trike in the background :)

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Re: Tick the "SIS Audio" Option Box ;) - 2015 335i "OEM" SQ - Morel, Arc, AF, Mosconi

I really like those eight woofers in these cars! there location had me skeptical but they really work well down there and don't create vibration issues like I thought they would.

great gear list and I'm sure a very pretty install.
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