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So my current setup is:
clarion DRZ9255
Seas Nextel W18NX
Image Dynamics CD2 horns
An old Elemental Designs Audio 12A - flat cone carbon fiber sub
an old zed mad planet audio amplifier for the subwoofer
a zapco AG100 for the Horns
and a Zapco 360.4 for the woofers

I have a 1995 Lexus SC400, and the woofers are in kicks on the floor and the CD2s are tucked under the dash, but still visible...Not the most stock lock in the world, and it kinda cramps foot space. Now, I have loved this system for years, but it is getting a little stale, and I wanna change it up. I wanna move the woofers into the doors, and replace the CD2's with a tweeter that can fit in the door.

Anyways, my questions then is, any recommendations on tweeters to match with the 7" Nextels? Also, I would like to get the whole front stage, woofers and tweeters, on that Zapco 360, so I am probably gunna need to design a crossover...something I have never done any recommendations there would also be appreicated.
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