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One of the channels on my GT40 is taking a dump on me and I want to try and get a new 4 channel. (or 5 or 6 channel)

First instinct was the Boston GT475 (75w @ 4 ohms, and I can still run my midbass on the rear channels with 125wrms each If i bridge the amp like i have it now) $209 shipped

Secondly, I considered the Boston GTA 1105 (70w @ 4ohms stereo, then I can run the midbass on the sub channel and have a channel left to either run my 3 way front fully active or run attenuated rears, which I cannot do now) but,I'm wondering, that since I only have 3 sets of RCAs ATM, would it be ok to split RCAs or would I lose something? $210 shipped

Those are just 2 amps that popped into my head, any other suggestions to look into for 4 ,5, or 6 channel amps? around $200 or less.
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