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1991 GMC Syclone. AWD, Turbocharged 4.3L V6
GMC Syclone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is Syclone #2517 of 2998. These trucks were only made in 1991 (3 were made in 92, but not available to the public) and only available in black.
This truck has 101,700 miles on it and runs like a champ! I've repaired and replaced a lot of parts on this truck to get it back into fighting shape.
I've replaced numerous interior trim pieces (vents, radio trim, glove box door, door lock switches, etc, etc...)
I had the front brakes upgraded with an LS1 Camaro dual piston brake kit at a cost of nearly $1000 (parts+labor)
It has brand new Corvette Z06 wheels (Argent Gray powdercoat) and Bridgestone 245/45-17 tires (another $1200 there)
I've relocated/replaced the water-to-air intercooler pump to make it more serviceable.
The OEM air box and crossover tube have been replaced by a short intake and K&N filter
The battery has been relocated to the pickup bed.
I've replaced both front axles because the factory one's had torn grease boots.
I just put in a new power steering pump.
It has a fairly nice stereo system installed:
-Alpine 9815 Cd player w/ipod aux-in cable (won't charge the new 5v stuff)
-Pioneer 6.5" door and 4x6" dash speakers
-2 10" Elemental Designs SQ10 subwoofers
-2 Cadence amplifiers (SQA-1 & SQA-4) in custom, hidden, fan cooled amp rack
Oil changes have always been made using Mobil1 fully synthetic 10w-30 (as per mfg recommendation)
I will also include an older laptop loaded with Datamaster diagnostic software and accompanying ALDL cable for real-time diagnostics and data logging.

The bad:
The paint is not perfect. I'd give it about a 6/10. It still shines up nice, but it will need some attention in a few spots.
Occasionally it will smoke on startup for a second or two due to GM's poorly designed valve stem seals.
The AC does not work. It will need a retrofit to R134a for it to function again.

Overall this truck is in good shape and runs very well. These trucks are very rare and becoming rarer.
This is still one of the quickest 0-60 trucks on the planet and is a true Stoplight Warrior.
Do not feel intimidated by anything next to you at the next stoplight.....

I'm asking $9000 firm for this hard to find treasure. Lowballers and trade offers will be ignored.

More pics can be sent on request.


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Wow, best of luck. I'm doing the same this week hopefully with my Dakota :( I need a farm truck and mine is one of 100 made. It's going to a collector and I'm getting a lame-o longbed for hauling ****... literally.

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That is freakin cool...I never see those anymore....sweet toy...good luck.
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