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To wideband or not to wideband?

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I am putting together a system for my hotrod. I have a 1970 mustang with a big/loud motor. Because the exhaust is so loud, this clearly won't be a perfect listening room. I have deadened the car with dynamat and done what I can to keep it tight but let's be honest, it's a 50 year old hot rod. With that being said, here is the current plan:

One 5 channel amp (audison LRX 5.1 or similar)
One 12" sub (I favor morel but would be open to others) This would be removable incase I wanted to run an autocross or
do a road course event. So sub would be in the truck, boxed/removable.
One pair of 7" scanspeak illuminators or similar in doors (if I can fit them), if not, something similar that is shallower

and finally, I have a pair of old Audible Physics 3" widebands with the little tiny tweeters. I think they were the NZT/AMT package.

So the question is, do I figure out a way to run these or should I just get a good tweeter that runs low enough to mate with the illuminators?

I did run these years ago in the kicks with 7" revelators and a morel ultimo sub and really liked them. But that was a decade ago and I don't know if I should be looking at newer equipment like a morel mid and tweet combo or not. Is anyone running widebands anymore or was it a fad?

Thanks in advance. I am open to suggestions. I realize the car is a terrible listening room but I still love sq and want a super clean system.
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Yes, but also sound quality. I may put quieter mufflers on it at some point.

I agree. The widebands won't sparkle, but I was honestly surprised at how good they did sound up high without a tweeter. The ones I have do have a small tweet for that extra sparkle so I am good there. But I do agree with them being more in your face with them being up high. I tried them up high on the A pillars on my last install and felt like they were really directional. IOW, they didn't dissapear, they were easy to locate. That's when I moved them down to the kicks. Sounds like I will have to maybe test them like I did on my last install and see if I can deal with them up high.
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