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Toying around With system ideas

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Toying around With system ideas

Okay So I am playing around with some system ideas. My only rule is that the drivers Most come from parts express and the amps must match. The only thing I’m lost on is the tweeters, they must be 1 in and normal shape, my confusion is whether or not to use car audio tweets or some from PE. The system will be active and I’m shooting for 1000$ or less. I want to run external x-overs, this should save some cash, also I won’t need any amps with special features.

Active 3-way set up
HU: Nakamichi Cd300
X-over: ARC IDX Digital Crossover
EQ: Kicker kq30 or Eclipse------- Eq2102 both can be found on eBay for cheap.

Up front
6.5’s: Dynavox LW6004PMR or the 8’s if they will fit
Tweets”: You decide

In the trunk
Subwoofer: Diyma Ref 12 Maybe 2

The amps
For Tweets: Orion Cobalt Co300.2
For Woofers: Orion Cobalt Co600.2
For Subwoofers: Orion Cobalt Co800.1

I’m open to all suggestions Just two things.

All amps must match and woofers must come from PE.

I was thinking 4 way but there two problems with this, the first being $$$ and the second is the idx has the phase shift to “move” the subs forward, there would be no way that I know to use it, and still have a active system.

Anyway thanx for all the future help !

P.S. the running total is 1100+ with wires and damping 20ft of damplifer and a roll of raamat.
I plan to get most stuff off ebay.
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Ok I just looked at pricing without the idx and nka, and exchanging it with 9887, and it came close.

My only problem is that I hate the look of the alpine Something similar (without the ugliness) would be cool
and I prefer using external Eq's and X-overs....... I got big finger syndrome.
Humpty, Dumpty, Bumpty Bump bump bump
Xmax: 2.45 mm--Ouch!

You are not going to get much midbass out of those Dynavoxes.

Dynavox and Hi-Vi Dynaudio clones have not left me impressed in the past. People have sent these to me over the years and it didn't take a golden ear to immediately hear that they sounded pretty bad.
Ok, so I'm just going to ask. Why must everything come from PE? If you are trying to order everything from one place to save money on shipping, I think you would have much better selection from Madisound.

I would choose these over the Dynavoxes: Parts Express:Aurum Cantus AC-165 6-1/2" Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Woofer

How will the tweeters be mounted?

If you have the room to mount these and they will be close to on-axis, I'd get these:
Parts Express:Vifa XT25TG30-04 1" Dual Concentric Dome Tweeter

For off-axis mountings, I don't like ring radiators. They drop off too much.
If you have the room: Parts Express:Morel CAT308 1-1/8" Soft Dome Tweeter I'm a Morel fanboy, but I think these represent a great value. They will play low with ease for two-way setups.

I don't know if you're sold on those Cobalts, but you can get more power for the same money with Cadence closeouts:|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1318|301:1|293:1|294:50
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I chose partsexpress Becuase i wanted to build A system without Caraudio parts does not matter where they come from.

The reaso i picked the dynavox was because of the larger voice coil, I wante something that could handle power, and i actualy chose those over the ac's but i missed the x-max i thoug it was a lot higher....

The twettes is going in the a pillar and I just might some car audio ones with the svwil mount or the home made pvc pod idea.
Here Are My choice from MS for the 6', I'm still lost on the twetters so much to chose from I would like to keep it under 50 for each one.

SEAS Prestige L16RNX 6'
SEAS Prestige P18RNX/P (H1350) 7"
SEAS Prestige L18RNX/P (H1224) 7"
The Morels are a little more than you wanted to spend, but I'll bet that you heard them, you'd think it was money well spent. Size is the only problem.

Both of these are good, small, and cheap Vifa D26NC55 1" Textile Dome Tweeter NLA from Madisound
Vifa XT25SC90-04 Ring Radiator Tweeter from Madisound

I generally like Vifas, but I've never loved them. They are smooth, but they lack some detail to me. Meh.
Active 3-way set up
HU:Alpine 9887 or similar 300.00$ @ ebay
EQ: Kicker KQ30 100.00$ @ ebay

Up front
Tweets”: SEAS Prestige 27TFFNC/G (H1396) 1" 31.75$ Each (2.5khz- 30khz)
6.5’s: SEAS Prestige CA18RLY (H1217) 7" 68.15$ Each (35hz - 3khz) OR Fountek FW168 6.5" Or Peerless Nomex 830875

In the trunk
Subwoofer: Diyma Ref 12 120.00$

The amps
For Tweets&woofers: Soundstream STL4.320 Channel A/B Class 170.00$

For Subwoofers: Soundstream STL1.600D D Class 200.00$

Total:989.80 Yay !!!
Not counting EQ,Sound damping,wirekit,mdf,dash kit,my time and effort.
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What are you putting this in?
Funny story about that......... LOL

Im still looking at cars

Right now its between 1997 Pontiac Boniville thats has 80k and uber clean or a high mile (187k) 89 Bmw 325I

I am leaing toward the poantic cause it was a grany car, Super clean Pics And the uber tough 3800 series engine........... That can be turboed. Going to see it tommorw
you don't even have car? how the hell you gunna buld the right system.....FAIL!!!
Do you have a car note ?, I pay in cash buddy, besides I have a means of transportation, a motorcycle, AND IT CAME OUT OF STORGE YESTER DAY !!
I know the types of cars I want, and besides if I really need a car all I got to do is ask, I got lots of family. I don't like doing this cause I want to be albe to say thats MINE not the bank's or my uncles, cousin, etc.
yes I have a car note...on a car that don't run:), having hit puberty, I've also got a paid for car...which runs:(

The point is, if the speaker is only as good as the room its in, the first step in toying with system getting a room:)
Ok so I am nixing the 9887 again

Which Eq/ x-over should I get ?

MA Audio MA30EQX this is 114 Shipped

MA Audio MA15EQX this is 170 shipped

I am leaning toward the 15 band cause it is cheaper and that’s what I have in my home system, and it does me justice, Should I spring for the 30band ? I want my system to sound good but I don't plan on competing.
Hello ??? Any One No ideas at all ?
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