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I've got a 2019 hilux sr5 double cab. 3 way front and 10" behind back seat.
The front is,
Focal flax tweeters in factory sail locations,
Flax 6.5" in doors that have a Lot of sound deadening,
Scan speak 15m discovery midranges in custom kicks,
Focal P25FS shallow sub behind rear seat in an 18l ported box,
A pioneer prs-a900 amp under the front passenger seat powering the tweeters and midrange,
A focal pfx 5.1200 behind back seat for the midbass sub and rear speakers(focal factory fitment 6.5's),
Head unit is a Kenwood dmx9720xds,
Dsp is minidsp 8x12dl behind back seat.

There is very little room behind the rear seat. I can take some photos of anything if you want.
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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