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I am in the market looking for a new SQ build for my Hilux Dual cab 2021.
I am planning to use the two JL sub that I have in the build. But for the rest of the components I am looking at options.
Plan to run 3 way active , I don't think I need a rear fill in the dual cab. Worried if the JL will fit the rear behind the seats., and if I should use two. Anyone has any experience with Hilux? I have the JL 12TW3. Any other suggestions if I have to look at any shallower options?

Is the DSP integrated amps a better option or should I use DSP and amp separately. If I have to power the 3 way active fronts and two rear sub is there any option or get a DSP integrated 5 channel amp and another amp for the SUB?

For the JL what would be a recommended amp.

Thanks B.
If you are in the I would love to know how you got the Hilux

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1 - 1 of 51 Posts
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