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Thanks this post was extremely helpful and confirmed a lot of what I was suspecting about jbl oem systems in general. I was coming to a similar conclusion but was worried about not being able to find a full range speaker output to use as inputs to the aftermarket amp, were you able to find something that worked? Im also not super thrilled about layering on whatever processing was done in the oem amp into further processing in the aftermarket amp. Would be especially problematic if you had to combine multiple output channels to create a single full range input as the time alignment and levels would likely be off at the different frequencies.

i have found PAC Audio makes “integration interfaces” that take the fixed level inputs and the CAN data connection from the infotainment units to layer in volume control/fader/etc into analog inputs to use with aftermarket amps, but not yet sure if they work with JBL systems w/ harman becker amps. I have sent them a note asking about the specifics of my setup so we’ll see what they say.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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