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Trius on axis?

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Does anyone know if the trius's would work on axis? I have a place to put a midrange, but they will be on axis pointing just about right at me.....
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Kick panels would be my ideal place, in my install. As i know they work pretty well on axis, it would be strange if they didn't, Majority of the foreigners that visit DIYMA (i forget which countries directly) use them mounted in there dash's, some kicks so i'm sure there getting reflections off the dash, which in a way would be on axis...Mabey?

Correct me if i'm wrong.
well rbsarve (hopefully he posts in this thread) had told me that he has them reflecting off of the windshield because they would be "a bit much" on axis.....

I was just wondering what exactly that means and if it can be corrected....
The Triuses are built to excel Off-axis, to allow for a lot of different placement constrains. They do not have the same dispersion character as most drivers, which is purposely so. They do really well in most stock dash speaker locations. That means that their upper range (5 k up) is a bit lifted if you use them on-axis. (check Npangs measurements).
I have designed a simple notch filter that takes care of most of the tonal issues, and with that it works nice on axis to IMO, but for best results, as always aim-listen-repeat is what goes.
rbsarve any chance of releasing the schematic for that notch? :)
Sure, I don´t have it in this computer, but I´ll post it after the weekend!

I wouldn't really use them much past that, maybe 8k hz or so at most...past that I'd probably be using an LPG tweet or something........
Rbsarve said:
Sure, I don´t have it in this computer, but I´ll post it after the weekend!
Thanks! :D Look forward to seeing em
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