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TRU T2.200, or Sundown SAX100.2

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i have a near new TRU T2.200 coming in next week. i may just turn around and sell it as i found something that will work better for my application. amp is supposedly mint. i have pictures of the actual unit, and the seller has an impeccable rep. if interested drop me a line. i will need $400 for it. if it is not in mint condition when it arrives the price will go down accordingly.
i also have a gently used Sundown SAX100.2. looks new. works perfect. original box, and manual. no bass knob. i would let this go for $175.

if one of these sells, then the other will not be for sale any more.
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oh, and obviously, im not trying to collect any $$$ now on the sale of the TRU (before i have it in hand). just puttin it out there.
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