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Tru Technologies/ Alpine PDX

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All amps are near mint. Worst being a 9.25/10

Alpine PDX 4.100 (bought from Bikinpunk never used by me) $250
H-1 Hammer $800
T-2.100 $300
T-2.200 $400

All three for $1400 shipped :eek:

I dont have pics here at work, but my reputation should speak for itself.

I would consider a hi-end h/u for trade. Clarion DRZ, Denon Z-1, RF8250, Alpine F1, Nakamichi 7200 ect.

Here is a long shot for trade too, mid 90's Honda Accord.
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:laugh: yup it is
can we have some specs for the tru amps please?might be interested
Hammer 1500w @ 1 ohm
T 2.200 2x200wrms
T 1.200 2x100wmrs.

PDX 4x100wrms
Man, I sent you that 4.100 a long time ago, didn't I?

bump for a cool dude... :D
Yes you did....probably 6 months ago. If you remember I got tired of you bumping your thread and bought it to shut you up! :D Never did use it....been on the shelf the whole time.
Oh, crap. Does that mean I'll have to buy this from you if you have to keep bumping it? lol.


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sunday bump
All for sale still. Sent you a pm.

Cash talks, its all here. Sensible offers discussed.
interested in the 2.100/ see email thanks
paypal sent. I guess it went instant too, sweetness :D
Tru 2.100 is sold!
wow bump from page 5.
wow one more day and page 5 again
Make some offers fellas or I am willing to do some trading.
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