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Tru Technology SSLD6 Wiring.....

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anyone have experience using one of these? i got a brand new ssl6 from tru technology and was wondering how to get it hooked up. i got lost at the part where you connect the B+ , B- , Remote. it says on the manual that it recommends 4guage wire's but there is no way i can fit 4 guage in those small fittings. i think the most i can fit is like 12/14 guage wire. thanks for looking any replies would be nice..... steven.
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You wire it like you would any other unit. I've installed two of them and both times I used the same power source and same ground as the HU. As long as you aren't using your HU amp for anything, there is more than enough current for that and the line driver put together. The remote just splices into the remote out from the HU.

4ga is retarded. 12ga is more than enough.
I wonder if 4ga wasnt a typo and it was supposed to say 14?
Its obvious that was an error, you are right probably missed the 1 for 14 gauge.

I cant imagine using 4 gauge on that terminal, if it were, I would call that rape hehe
I'd call it interracial... :D
i think imma run 14 guage to power it up. just a quick question..... would it make any difference if i was to install this with an alpine 9887 to bump up the voltage? would it help with sound quality?? or would it be a waste since the alpine has decent power out from the rca's?
If you have sufficient voltage, it would only help if you had very noisy amps and needed to lower the gains on them. Subectively it will sound better only because it's louder. It's a waste unless your amps need more voltage than the Alpine can supply.
John from Tru was mentioning that this will also "bring up the stage" a bit.
Has anyone experienced this?
I'd be a bit suspect about this. How could boosting the signal possibly widen or raise the stage? I suppose you could widen the stage through better channel separation, but you definitely can't raise it. I wonder if he meant something different by "bring up."
I've run an SSLD6 and I think I had a little better channel separation, but nothing very noticeable. The one thing that you will notice right away is that the SSLD6 will warm the upper frequencies. The 9887, to my ears, is pretty bright on the top end and the line driver will change that. You may like it, you may not.

Another advantage of the SSLD6 is that it allows you to balance each L&R channel output. Many amps L&R outputs differ slightly and this will allow you to balance them exactly.

With regard to the cable issue............I've notice across a few of their user's manuals that several of them say 4 gauge wire. I think it's just something they forgot to update with different products. 14-16 gauge should be perfect.
yea i guess i got one of those manual with the 4guage thats why i was like wtf!!!... thanks cause im more confident on the install and hopefully it will be good. another question is i noticed it can do like 2 channel to 6 channel output or 4 channel to 6 channel output. was wondering if i did the 4 channel input and 6 channel output where would the 2 extra rca's input come from? is it the ab channel or the cd channel? kinda want to go active up front with my dynaudio gt system and use the rear as rear fill so i can use the 2 extra outputs to power up the rear coaxial speakers from the mid's frequency iono if that is a good idea or not because im still debating on the 9887/p800prs. thanks for all your inputs and it does help clear up alot of my ??? i had earlier. thanks for all the replies
i got lost at the part where you connect the B+ , B- , Remote.
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