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I'm having trouble with this calibration. When I enter TrueRTA Level 2, the option "Sound System Calibration" is not available..(as in light grey as oppossed to the dark grey indicating available).

Im guessing I'm not setting this up right for my MobilePre USB...

Could someone correct where I am wrong...I think my muting is all wrong...

I have connected a two sided 1/8 jack from the Headphone output on the MobilePre front, to the 1/8 jack in the mobilepre rear titled "stereo mic."

Next, for the muting of things, the only options I have to mute are as follows:

For Playback Tab: Speakers and Line1/2
For Recording Tab: Microphone (which says not plugged in) and Line 1/2

(I could also mute Input gain, Monitor Mix, and Output Volume via another control panel too.....should I be???)

So what do I mute?

Sorry for the dumass questions, but this setup has been sitting here, and between it and the new tutorial for gain setting via BikinPunk (awesome btw), I want to learn how!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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