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New to the board!

I purchased a boat with a mega system that was said to have been installed professionally. I say that because this system has a major ground loop issue.

The System is a 2 amplifier system (1) 4 Channel VFl 350 American Bass, and the 1880 Hybrid American Base. They power (4 sets) M770 Components, (4 sets) MX650's and (4) M10 Subs - all JL Audio. 20 Channels in all, way to much for the power in the system.

Head Unit is a Fusion UD750.

Utilizes (2) Starting batteries back by the engines, (2) House batteries 2400 AMP AGM within 1 ft of the amps. Also has (2) 6.6 Farad Caps local to the amps.

The house batteries are charged via (2) relays, each House battery has a set of wires running back to the starting batteries terminals. The run is 10-15 ft, appears to be 4 gauge cable.

The boat is a 1998 Formula 353, the house batteries, amps, and head unit are mounted in what was the refrigerator cabinet.

I want to replace the 4 channel with a min of the JL 800v2 8 channel. I n the process I want to fix this mess, but this is beyond my typical audio install skills.

Don't know where to start to eliminate the whine I get, motors not started. I grounded the head unit to the Amp, which helped. However, when I increase the brightness on the UD750, the whine/buzz gets louder? The UD750 has only the ground, acc and + wires used - no HP speakers are attached.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!:laugh:

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