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@bbfoto is exactly right

i had a older guy bring in what was just like a cal file from his audiologist… I thought it was a complete joke….

I built the offset…. He said it was amazing….

the catch , to this day , I have no idea if it was imaging properly…. All I did was change my mic cal file and convolve it with the mic cal I had and set L and R separate based off what his left and right ear responses were

so as far as the phase goes and how good or diffuse his center was…. Haha … no clue… he said it was good , but he was a old man and probably didn’t know what he was sayin, I do remember simply running out of headroom at 6.3k on one side and had to just scrap that portion of the correction, maybe if he had high output horns it would have worked…. But for the most part I think it went ok

would be super cool to do it on someonethat knows to do it on themself and post the results
I would absolutely love feedback on that
Yes - I can atest to the fact that making frequency specific adjustments for LvR hearing loss causes "smearing" of the image. And based on the percentage of the overall Soundstage within the spectrum that's boosted can make it sound like the tweeter on one side of the car totally shuts down at times.

My tinnitus and 8kHz + hearing loss is worse in my left ear and when my system was one seat tuned I spent hours going through tones and specific sounds (like a high hat or cowbell) to get the high frequencies leveled out from side to side (sail panel tweets aimed at center dome light) only to find out that it made instruments and vocals with abundant high frequency content wander in the image and caused an overall loss of coherency to the staging. Repeating familiar sections of favorite tracks and test tracks would not even create consistent results.

After talking to my audiologist about the situation he theorized that I was confusing a brain that had taken decades to learn how to compensate for my progressive hearing loss by artificially boosting things that were then reflecting around inside the car (and HRTF) to my good ear and causing my brain to try and relearn everything. Furthermore, he postulated, that we all listen to music in different ways. Some listen to the lyrics and couldn't tell you if there were any guitars in the mix whereas some would listen to the instruments and couldn't tell you the lyrics and that this translated into things about how we listened between highs and lows. Some required high frequency content in order to maintain intelligibility while others were more likely to 'feel' music (regardless of volume) and needed less to achieve the same level of engagement. All of that to say that his recommendation was to keep the energy and frequency content as equal as possible from L to R in the car so that the image would be faithful to what the studio intended.

Thus my daily tune is now a 4 seat average that has virtually no EQ (still experimenting with crossovers) and is much more enjoyable with a cohesive and repeatable stage and things are anchored in the image.

It was an interesting experiment but ultimately left me with tremendous ear fatigue and nearly made me want to chuck the entire system. Starting over and going back to the basics kept me in the hunt though...

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That’s crazy….. it’s so intresting because I have a decent (being modest) size clientele, and a fair share are older doods that have hearing issues

not only could I help them but it’s a untapped hi-Rez market. If I could figure out how to make the amplitude adjustments and somehow validate, maybe with test tracks and have the customer sit and tell me if imaging is proper…. It would be cool to know from Analysis if it’s going to have good imaging

i think I could almost get some hearing Dr’s on board and create a referral program

ppl with hearing loss I bet would love to hear there music normal again. Wouldn’t that be something if we could figure out how exactly to do it and make it repeatable….

and what you guys are saying makes a lot of sense , especially long term degradation and then all of a sudden hearing normal probably would take getting used to…. Or if like you said there brain is rewired in a way that makes it difficult…. Interesting to say the least.

I’m going to spend some time on these link you all shared….. this is a suprisingly good topic…

my co worker wears an aid like you also said , and he has a ear eq from his phone , can focus in on long distance speech…… man, to adapt some of this into audio system performance seems a lot of possibilities
Agreed - and FWIW the effect at Low Level or background listening was wonderful but when raised to reference volume the reflections and refractions of a car interior were really the problem (and HRTF) whereas with hearing aids the normalization is isolated for the ear canal inserted in and not audible to the other ear. Still... would love to see someone be able to utilize the technology in car audio.
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