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Hello all! I'm currently in the process of ground-up rebuilding my TVR Chimaera; a 2 seat fibreglass sports car from the UK.

There isn't a whole lot of room, but I'd like to put a really nice sounding system in there. Its been a very long time since I've put a system in a car though so I'm really struggling for inspiration of how to do it properly.

To give some idea of the rules of engagement, the body tub is going to be completely stripped (lots of pics on Google) and I'm going to be putting the door cards, transmission tunnel and dashboard from a TVR Sagaris (except with the windscreen air vents deleted and made much more hidden.

I'll be deleting the seatbelt towers behind each seat which will open up some space in the corners of the parcel shelf area.

In a standard TVR Chimaera audio build, the classic places to mount speakers are in the door cards and in the rear bulkhead between the boot(trunk) and the parcel shelf (often 6x9s used here). There is also a pocket in the fibreglass behind each seat which could fit a 6 or 8 inch sub perhaps.

I don't want to run a head unit, so I've designed a CNC aluminium plate into which I'm going to mount a magnetic wireless charger for my phone so I can stick it landscape to the dash and use as music player/sat nav. I've then designed my own Bluetooth 5.0 PCB with aptx and optical output. I will put a small play/pause and skip button somewhere maybe in the small space in front of the gearstick, and a potentiometer to directly control the amplifier gain.

My plan at the moment is to use a Helix DSP V6 MK2 for amplification, but I'm not sure what kind of speakers to use, or how to pair them with the amp. I listen mainly to soulful drum & bass music so I'm looking for crisp highs and punchy bass but a seemless blend from sub bass through to midrange.

Currently I'm thinking about 6x9s or components in the rear bulkhead, maybe one or two small subs behind each seat if needed (maybe not if the others could handle low enough response?), a mid range woofer in the doors and a tweeter either in the a pillar or in the dash firing up at the windscreen.

So that's where I'm at right now... Where do I start?!

I'll attach some pictures for ideas...


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Wheeler Dealer just had an episode with a TVR. Love the way the v-eight sounded! Good luck with your project.
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