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Tweet only kickpod, has it been done, pros and cons?

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I was sitting here thinking about picking up some of those walmart tweeters. The thing is that if I were to try to install these my only real option is to make some some small kick panels and disconnect the stock tweets in my Toyota x-runner. As of now the system is bone stock and the only possible upgrade aside from the tweets may be a 4 chan. amp. There is only a few problems I can think of. First is that though ribbons may have good dispersion for kick pod installs they have high distortion when compared to even a cheap dome tweeter. Is it even worth playing around with these when for the same money I could pick up a pair of cheap domes. If domes are worth my time more then the ribbons the next question becomes is it worth it for me to even bother putting just tweeters into kickpods or not. I could just as easily install them in the door in the stock location.

Any insight would be great. I am also curious if anyone here has built tweet only kickpods and how they worked out for you. My guess is that you would probably get better performance if you put them in the door or A-Pillar but I am not sure on that.

FYI I have done many installs and have built full SQ systems using kick pods before. The reason I am not going that way is because I am curious just how good you can make a car/truck sound using what I have laying around and without spending any real money (real money being defined as over $100 total). I am hoping that this will be my giant killer install but only time will tell.
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If you're putting a tweeter in a kick pod put it next to a midrange....otherwise don't bother.

Same goes for the cheap Walmart tweeters.....don't give in.
I've done that before with excellent results. The vehicle was a Mitsubishi Montero Sport SUV.

The mids were installed in the factory location low in the door using the factory mid mount which is angled upwards and back. The tweeter was mounted just forward of that in the kickpanel. Keep in mind that the kickpanel had a flat area facing back towards the listener at a small angle so the tweeter was on axis.

The components used were Kicker Resolution 6.5" and the crossovers had level control to better integrate the tweeter to the mid.

To pick the right location, I double taped the tweeters in different areas until I found the right spot to permanently mount them. I didn't cut into the kickpanel until then.
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