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Tweeter placement

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I am currently in the design stage of my system for a '99 Jimmy. I have two goals with this system: 1) Use Pioneer products as much as possible and 2) end up with a system that is largely SQ oriented with a little heavier bass. I built a temporary box for my sub, a single 12 and played with positioning until I found the optimal location. Now I am looking at the high end. My tweeters have been mounted in the factory dash location and bounce off the windshield. While this puts my soundstage on the hood, it has been a little difficult dialing in the phantom center, vocals tend to be slightly right or slightly left. Part of this is probably due to the lack of time delay as I do not have a signal processor. I have been looking at either mounting the tweeter onto the pillars or the inside plate of the side mirrors, but I am at a loss on how to test these locations. Testing sub placement was easy, but I would rather not have to drill and redrill holes in my pillars or mirror plates to move the tweeters.

So I am wondering if anyone has some advice for good tweeter placement for getting that phantom center without a signal processor (since Pioneer doesn't look to have one)? Would it be better to aim tweeters toward the driver's seat or bounce them off the windshield again? Or use a second set of tweeters and do both?
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Thanks for the tips. I will try the double-sided tape and low on the pillars. I looked at the 80PRS and it is tempting. I am not sure I will go that route though. I am not an audiophile, just someone who has had a greater appreciation for a clean sounding system over an SPL system ever since attending my first IASCA event 20 years ago (not putting down SPL systems, they're just not my thing). Still, I will put it on my list of possible upgrades.

Thanks again.
Nothing to show from me right now. Unless you want to see a sun-crack vinyl dash. As I said, I'm still in design phase. Not even the sub box is worth photoing. Once I start form-fitting the box against the back passenger quarter panel... then maybe. But then I'm not one who takes pictures while working.
Thanks for that tidbit, Jazzi.

It is sounding like the 80PRS will be in my future. It solves a lot of the issues I have with my current deck, the 3500UI. This deck is decent, but lacks a full set of pre-outs. I also prefer not to plug things into the front if it can be helped, so getting away from the front USB and Aux ports would be nice. While I am trying to get the staging right, I didn't want to get too heavy into processing as I would rather not have too many external pieces. While I have a (smaller) SUV, I have a full family and we take frequent trips to the beach with a cooler, chairs, boogie boards... the whole shebang, so space is still a premium. Hence my choice of a single 12" against the rear passenger-side panel. There were actually two slightly better sounding locations, but they both ate up too much usable real estate and would have been susceptible to damage from loading and unloading. Amps are a given. I am going to try to use a 4-channel amp with a sub amp setup, but might end up having to get another weaker 2-channel amp for the rear seats as I would like to have speakers for the kids (probably coaxials angled to fire back), but I don't want them to disturb my front stage too much. If I can avoid using outboard signal processing, then all the better. The 80PRS will will fit the bill for what I need, though it will provide me with more functionality than I really need. At the very least I could use the AutoEQ feature or take it to a shop to have it properly tuned.

Thanks again everyone.

(Edit: Just started reading through your build log Jazzi and all I cam say is "Wow". A lot of information there. More than I woud look for and, admittedly, a bit of it is beyond me. But a lot of it I can at least figure out. After reading your explanation of sub placement, I am going to have another look at mine and figure out distancng from the floor and rear wall. I have only read part of the first page so far, so I have a lot to read and educate myself on. Awesome work.)
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