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Hello everyone. I've been into car audio on/off for about 15 yrs now. I just upgraded my car to a newer one so its time for a new stereo! I'm a bit confused on what speakers to go with for a 2-way active setup.

I've been thinking about using the Dynaudio MW162's with the Scan-Speak Illuminator D2004/6020-00 tweeters. Will these work well together? Any other combinations I should consider?

I listen to almost everything and I like a smooth/laid back tweet. I had an Esotec System 222 in my previous car and loved them.

Car: 2007 Hyundai Sonata
Equipment planned
Source: Alpine IVA-W505
Amps: (2) Zapco DC350.2 and an older cadence class D sub amp ~1000w
Sub: Image Dynamics ID15v.3 Infinite baffle.
I can fit up to a 7" in the doors and up to an 1" tweeter in the sail or A pillar.

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