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I'm kind of interested to see what people recommend and what people prefer themselves. If this is one of those no brainer things I apologize but I see benefits in all three. I've got 225 watts x 2 at 2 ohms or 450 watts bridged at 4 ohms to work with. I listen to a mix of rock and rap at fairly loud volumes and will be mounting the sub in the trunk of my A4. I've never built a box before and want to keep it small so I am going to go sealed at least for now. I have found these Image Dynamics subs that seem like they fit what I'm looking for:

2-ID8 V3's
1-IDQ10 V3
1-ID12 V3 or it's cheaper Tidal Audio Clone. (Maybe not clone but the specs are the same.)

Anyway, what do you guys think of the different set ups? I'll be building the box so which ever way I go the build quality and fit will be about the same. Thanks.
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