Out of full disclosure and, Before start these are special batteries.
They are normal as far as one thing. On a Friday a worker needed a beer.
And what he did was put the wrong top on it, ((+))i s still positive, on top and negative is still (((—)) if i wasnt told before buying them i would have never known. Its just out of spec from XS’s cell guide.
XS’s product page
I could ask much more for them, But im not gonna ask for more than I paid.
For a correctly specced cell sells for $499.
Why buy this route? Its basically fumble proof, you have all the safety features you could ask for.
its has the Balancer built in and the Battery Monitor system built in and these aren't cheap.
To give you guys a deal im asking $250 each and i did pay more than that. And thats for a bare battery, Hardware is seperate. The battery connection sit low so you need tall SAE posts with M6 threading, Ill have to look up the lenght if you buy the bare cells. Amazon has the correct length. I had to buy an assortment as the ones that came with the tall post did‘n fit.
The hardware is valued at $100
hardware shown in the pics Is marked down too $60
4x tall SAE post and held in with M6 screws i had to buy separate.
4 x battery post terminal‘s with dual 0 guage.
3‘ 0 gauge positive and negative wire.
1x fuse holder and 350 amp fuse.
2x voltage meter, Accurate to .1

Id say these would be a great help with a 3k system, More if you have 2 AGM cells,
These aren’t design to eliminate your cars normal cranking batteries, its designed to have a battery isolator between your cranking battery and and these cells. It has to due with parasitic draw. Ill help as much as i can to the buyer.
Id say you need a 350amp isolater,
Cheap and commercial grade

Im not sure if USPS ships lithiums, but know UPS does.
Both with hardware $500 + $60 for hardware $30shipping
Basic price with just bare cell is $500 plus $30 shipping

Shipping is 2 packages so most likely ill be paying part of that.

I take paypal only.

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