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For all of you who happen to be on a tight budget. Your money is looking funny and your change is strange. I have a couple of amp deals here.

First, I have an Infinity 1600a Monoblock Amp. I recieved this amp in a trade. I really do not have a use for it. I have not used this amp. I did fire it up to see if it would turn on. I did not hook up any subs to it though.

Amp comes with a unused bass remote. Rated at [email protected] ohms. Just a few minor scratches. Nothing big. Comes with a copy of the manual.

$75 shipped!!

Next up

Brand new Cadence 3004 Amp. This amp was purchased by me. It's still brand new. Has seen 10 mins of play time. I fired it up to see if it worked. Still comes with a 2 year Cadence warranty info that I haven't used or filled out.
Amp is rated at 75x4 or 300x2 or mixed 75x2+300x1

Just a few minor scratches from mounting, but still like new.

Cadence is asking $129.99 shipped, I'm asking $85 shipped!!!

Perfect amp for those 3 way set up mid/tweets..etc.
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