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Hello at present I am tinkering around with speakers in my Audi Q5.

I understand that amp outputs at 4 ohms.

The front door speakers are 2 ohms and the dash tweeters (which are on the same channel) are 8 ohm with a 10uf capacitor.

I was intending to replace the front door speaker with a 4 ohm speaker and the dash tweeter with a 4 ohm speaker (I will replace the amp at a later date).

I have looked at charts and these would suggest that the 8 ohm tweeter is crossed over at around 1800 based on the fact it is 8 ohms.

This got me thinking......

As the amp outputs at 4 ohm, does the 10uf capacitor cut off the frequency at 4000 (as the amp is 4 ohm) or at 1800 (as the speaker is 8 ohm).

In a nutshell is the cut off set by the output of the amp or the ohms of the speaker?

Many thanks Mark
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