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Im going for SQ. My JBL Club WS1200 died, I just don't get any sound from it all the sudden. I bought an Image Dynamics IDQS12-D2, it's 250w rms @4ohm. I want something that will fit well with the rest of my system: Minidsp, Zapco ST-4X hooked up to Morel Maximo 6 tweeters and mids. My current sub amp is an Infinity Kappa Two. I was running it bridged at 4ohm, 240 watts. I realize that's pretty close to what the IDQS12-D2 wants but I'm wondering if an amp upgrade would be very noticeable. I also don't like how it doesn't have a remote bass knob. I'm running an in-line bass knob, but I'm not happy about it.

It looks like the IMAGE DYNAMICS SQ600.1D amp is made to pair with the sub I bought, but at almost $400 it's pretty damn pricy for me, right now, especially considering I just bought the sub. I was also looking at running an IMAGE DYNAMICS I2300 bridged, at $180 that's much more justifiable. The other amps that cought my eye were a Focal Solid-1 (300w @4ohms) or a ZAPCO ST-1B, although that's only 200w @ 4ohms, and SUNDOWN AUDIO SFB-600D which does 250w @4ohms. Like I said SQ is my priority, although more power isn't a bad thing. Should I just keep my infinity kappa or might it be worth the upgrade to one of the four cheaper options I mentioned?
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