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What's happenin' y'all!?

I have a Regal 2700 and I run charters on it and I'm ready to take my charters to the next level. I want my music to make babies recoil back into their mothers womb. I want my music to shake the concrete pillars of the pier and people to think the second coming of God is upon us.

Right now I have a Fusion FM-504, one 10" (I think) Fusion sub and eight 6.5" Fusion speakers.

Here are some pictures...




Are there any direct replacements for the amp that use the same screw holes so I don't have to change any wiring? Is Fusion the best marine audio brand or should I be looking elsewhere? What combination of amp, sub and speakers do you recommend?

Also, how much could I sell my amp, sub, speakers for after I upgrade?
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