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OK, so who is the "go to guy" the "Wizard of Oz" leading authority on 411 for US Amps?

I need to talk to someone that is very well versed with those amps but not fanatical to the point where I get biased 411 on them..

I don't think they have a cult fanbase like Linear Power, but I know there are people that favor them just as there are those that favor PPI and so on.. So who knows US Amps inside and out?

I need the lowdown on their product line from 91 to 2000, starting from my amp the 200HCA. Please get back to me!!

I need to know which amps are best suited for SQ. I would like to base my selections off of the 200HCA that I own.

EG: I found a US-50C? I think thats the model number. It matches my 200HCA except it only does 25 x 2, perfect for tweeters.. Does anyone know if that is a good amp for tweeters? I don't want to go buying amps just becasue they match the one that I fell in love with

(This sounds crazy, but that 200HC 40" amp which does only 100 x 2 @ 4 ohms and 1600 watts bridegd @ 1 ohm is going to be used as a midrange amp, thats how much I love its clarity, detail, dynamics)

My system will be a 4 way active SQL my mids are HAT L4s and they will see from 200HZ all the way up to 5KHZ which is why I feel that an amp like that surfboard will do it justice.

I enjoy a laid back tweet, so I think the US 50 C which is 25 x 2 @ 4 ohms which is capable of 300 x 1 bridged @ 1 ohm is perfect.

What to do about subs and midbass?
2) 12W7s, need a single amp that will deliver over 3000 watts rms to them, or a pair that will do well over 1500 watts @ 3 ohms each..
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