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Usher 8945 (2 per door)

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F150 crew. Bit Ten, Voce av5.1, Neo 8 on floating pods/brackets on axis open baffle @ 900hz. 2 Vifa aluminum 10" isobaric rear console. Usher 8945a @ 58hz, stock location high in doors. Trying to get down to 4 ohm and squeeze more power for the midbass. Will I need to add in a coil to drop the lower (2nd) Usher to half-way status to avoid lobing, or will it matter in a truck cabin?

I was running Dayton RS180 but the Usher really sound far more in harmony with the BG. The Dayton definitely played louder at 4ohm than the Usher at 8. The headroom advantage was significant.
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Are the experts all gone?
Both drivers are the same size and have the same linear excursion, if you are getting the Usher to Xmax you should have the same volume.

Are your doors properly sealed?
Thank you. Yes, they are sealed and dampened rather extensively.

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Four sounds amazing. There's just no substitute for dynamic headroom. Barely had to bump levels on the planars. Now if I can just stop messing with the Bit long enough to fab some door panels...
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