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Usher 9950 and Usher 8945a Anyone using this 2 way combination

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What are your thoughts on this combination everyone?
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Slow your roll there Mario.

I was just looking through your other thread, and saw the Usher mid was suggested. The 8945P is an excellent mid, and what you should be looking for not the A.

Braves was giving you some good advice, but you need to slow down in your buying frenzy for a bit until we can get a good solid idea of what you should buy.

I'll be responding in your other thread as well with a bit more pertinent information, to include why you should get the P instead of the A.

That will be later though as my wife will have me castrated if I don't get her to lunch.
Sounds awesome! for anyone reading this thread, if you would like to respond, please respond in the main thread of mine:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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