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These are some of the best midrange drivers ever. I rank them as good as Scan Revelator, Seas Excel Poly/Nextel, etc. Not quite as clear as the Seas Magnesium (smaller drivers), but better than the larger ones in the midrange section. Brand new in the boxes for $90 plus shipping or approximately $100 shipped. They sell for $150ish at partsexpress and this is a very low price considering they are better than the much more expensive Dynaudios.

The Daytons are ranked as good as the Seas Excel (Lotus 8") W21. They go for an already crazy bargain and I'll sell mine for an even lower price than what you will pay from Partsexpress. These cost $106 shipped to me. I will let them go for $85 $21 off the already low price of Partsexpress. Shipped in original containers, brand new as stated.

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