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Hi I recently got a vibe Auto8 V2 which has autosense.
I am using this in my 2020 Arona FR Sport with the factory unit I originally intended to use a Vibe line level converter and use RCA's but after talking with Vibe I was told I don't need it as it has one inbuilt. (Is this only if you use the High level input or if I use RCA's) I am not presently using any high guage speaker cable I wanted to see how the sub and amp get on so I spliced into an ISOT-harness (premium speaker wire on the rear speaker LR+&- and RR+&-channels. The speakers in the car are standard VWAG speakers and in all honesty the subwoofer sounded awful I had the headunit equaliser ito 0db (stated in the manual) I also kept an eye on the amp it never went into protect mode but to actually listen to Spotify (via Bluetooth) I had the gain pretty much at 0!! Going to check in the morning if I have the speaker wires the right way round just incase I mis-labelled them. Or would the better option be to use RCA's on the unit as they are low pass (my rear speakers output full range) should I use Vibes Line level converter or has anyone tried out Halfords own LOC is it any good?
If not what guage speaker wire is best? And any suggestions as to why I can't turn up the gain without the sub sounding
Unbearable? I personally think the High pass isn't filtering out the low range but not sure. Any suggestions are helpful thanks
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