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I'm doing another sellathon to pay myself back from the recent purchase of a large air compressor. Somewhat rare old-school gear in nice condition. PayPal or USPS Money Order, US customers only.

I've now done around a dozen transactions on DIYMA with no issues. If you're in Denver, feel free to set up a time to check out the items in person.

Here's the list so far:

1. Alumapro Alusion 10" Sub - NIB:

Alumapro Alusion 10" sub, NIB. This sub has never been used and comes in the original box - I bought a pair of them for the novelty of the aluminum cone and the fact that my GF likes purple. I'm still planning on using one sub from the pair for her install, but space doesn't allow me to use the other. Cast basket (I've read that it is OEM Eminence) with rubber surround, alu cone and dustcap. Single 4 Ohm coil. Decent sized magnet with pole vent and rubber boot.

Measured specs from my WT3 woofer tester:

Piston Diameter = 212.7 mm
f(s)= 34.32 Hz
R(e)= 2.71 Ohms
Z(max)= 22.80 Ohms
Q(ms)= 4.019
Q(es)= 0.541
Q(ts)= 0.477
V(as)= 71.040 liters (2.509 cubic feet)
L(e)= 0.70 mH
n(0)= 0.51 %
SPL= 89.14 1W/1m
M(ms)= 53.71 grams
C(ms)= 0.40 mm/N
BL= 7.61

This driver models very nicely in a 1.3 cubic foot vented box tuned to 30Hz. The -3db down point in free space is about 30Hz. In-car response with cabin gain should be subterranean. The vent is manageable at 3" diameter and 14.5" long. RMS power handling is 250 watts both thermal and displacement-limited, this is a really nice sub for the price if you don't need W7 output levels or don't have a huge power amp.

As you can see from the pictures, the cone is pristine and unblemished. I may have the original spec sheet for you collectors, but otherwise it's kind of a moot point since I've measured the actual parameters and modeled the enclosure.

$70 OBO shipped CONUS.

2. Rockford Fosgate Punch 45 & Punch 150 Amps:

Here is a pair of late-80's Rockford Punch amps, a Punch 150 and a Punch 45. These are the amps that put Rockford on the map and won scores of soundoffs back in the day. I hate parting with these, but I am forced to choose which parts of my collection to cull, and due to space concerns in my pickup I must use a single 5-channel amp instead of multiple discrete amps.

Both of these amplifiers were purchased by me from the original owners. With new stickers (available on evilBay for $6), they would be probably at least 8 to 8.5 out of 10 condition on the visible parts of the heatsinks. Both amps are tested and work very well. The Punch 45 bridged mono pushed my vented Tang Band 6.5" sub to 126db (C-Weighted) in my standard-cab Ranger!

Both amps have the original Molex plug on the wires that protrude from the housing. I have and will include two external harnesses to plug into these, but on one the wires are quite short. The Punch 45 is missing one control knob and has new allen-head cap screws holding the cover to the heatsink installed. Some wear on the bottom of the metal covers, but it won't be seen once the amps are attached to a rack or panel. Both serial number stickers are intact.

What a great setup for a nice old-school system with an efficient sub or subs! Also, these are the more desirable non-HD versions of these amps. Punch 45 is rated at 22.5 x2 channels or 90 watts in mono (4 ohm). Punch 150 is 75 x2 channels or 300 watts in mono (4 ohm). Various internet posts imply that these are pretty conservative ratings.

Pricing for both amps starts at what I paid for just a Punch 45 just like this one back in 1989 - $239 shipped CONUS.

3. Cerwin Vega 81W4 Subwoofer:

Next is a Cerwin-Vega 81W4 Subwoofer. I believe this to be an OEM version of the LE-8 and/or XL-8 subs from way way back in the day. I put a LE-8 running off a Lanzar Brute Force 50 into my friend's Ranger in 1988 or 1989. If you have the space, this is a good sub for a tiny amount of power and it will go quite deep. I refoamed this particular sub after I pulled it from a cosmetically damaged set of CV home speakers, so you don't have that worry. Otherwise it's in very good cosmetic and working shape, and is very shallow at only 2-3/4" or so from the back of the basket lip to the back of the magnet. Single 4 ohm coil, power handling likely around 125 watts RMS if memory serves me well. Cast basket. I kept this around for nostalgia, but I don't need it anymore since I have a newer Vega 84, a JL 8W7, and a custom 6.5" TC Sounds micro-sub to try out.

Measured specs from my WT3 woofer tester:

Piston Diameter = 165.1 mm
f(s)= 36.34 Hz
R(e)= 3.26 Ohms
Z(max)= 41.66 Ohms
Q(ms)= 5.854
Q(es)= 0.497
Q(ts)= 0.458
V(as)= 33.010 liters (1.166 cubic feet)
L(e)= 1.15 mH
n(0)= 0.30 %
SPL= 86.93 1W/1m
M(ms)= 37.41 grams
C(ms)= 0.51 mm/N
BL= 7.49

This sub models out nicely in a 1 cubic foot box with a 2" round port 6-9/16" long. F3 is a surprisingly low 36.7Hz in free space, should get you down near 30Hz with typical cabin gain. Output is especially full in the 50-60Hz range so it should be a good choice for rock or metal. Thermal and displacement limited power handling are both well matched at 100-125 watts RMS.

If you want to rock an old-school system that would have run in a very low power class back in yesteryear, this is a good choice for your sub.

$45 shipped CONUS.

Need more pix or info about any of the above? Just let me know. More goodies to come, I am digging out a G&S C1000 amp, Kicker Freeair 15 (with the gold logo on the dustcap) and a MTX Black Gold 12".

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Punch 150 just sold locally.

Lower prices for the weekend on what remains:

Punch 45: $80 Shipped CONUS
Alusion 10: $60 Shipped CONUS
CV 8: $35 Shipped CONUS

I also have a G&S C1000 and Kicker Competition Freeair 15 circa late '80s with the gold logo. Your choice $70 Shipped. If anybody is interested in either of those I'll post pix.

Have a great weekend!
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