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I installed a Nexus 7 in my car, and I decided I wanted to install a volume knob since the on screen volume adjustment doesn't work well while driving, and other users struggle to change the volume using the volume rockers. Basically I have a bluetooth receiver linked up to my N7, then the output of the receiver goes directly to a 4 channel amp, which goes out to my speakers. I also installed a relay to switch off the bt receiver and qi charger so that I don't have to worry about battery drain. I don't know if this is relevant, but I share the same ground between the amp, relay, and the 12v to 5v transformer (powers charger and bt receiver). I am trying to include as much detail as possible, so please let me know in a response if I am missing anything.

Here is my problem. I bought a volume knob (50k pot) PAC LC-1 Remote Amplifier Level Controller
I installed the pot after the source (bt audio receiver) and before the amp. When I have the knob between ~1%-60% there is alot of static and noise. When the knob is at 0 there is no sound, and anywhere past ~60% it is clear with no noise. Could the voltage be too low past 60% to where the amplifier cant differentiate noise from music, and it ends up amplifying both? Would something like a ground loop noise isolator help? If so where would I install it, and what would I ground it to? The only other solution I can think of would be to install the volume knob AFTER the amp, but i would prefer to do it before. Also I noticed that when I connect to my tablet with a wired connection and skip the bt receiver the noise is a lot less severe. Let me know if there are any details I am leaving out, and I greatly appreciate any responses.
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