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Hi all. 'Poached an interior pic and drew some circles. If you have an opinion, I'd really like to hear it. Sound quality and imaging are the absolute top priority.

Car has the premium factory system with optical to the amp/processor in the back. This is a well-documented nightmare to work with - so I'm just bypassing it all together. The display needs to remain, as it doubles as the HVAC info panel. At some point I might move the display and integrate the iPad - but not today. I have a complete extra set of door panels for fabrication.

iPAD, et al., source will be digital out to BIT TEN D digitally connected to AV 5.1K. All drivers on axis.

Faital 4" in the door panel forward of the window controls to [faceplate reduced] Hiquphon 3/4" in machined alu pods at the sail.

Mid bass/bass is where I'm stumbling a bit: Can I make it image with a sub ~100 cycles from all the way in the boot or do I need more up front mid bass before handing it off to the sub?

? small sub behind the center console section
? small subs in F door panels or subs in each R door panel

Proper sealed enclosure (removable to maintain utility) subs in the boot.

Thanks for having a go at it.

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