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What are some wacky/crazy car audio ideas you've had?

One that I have, that was never confirmed whether it would work or not, goes as follows:

Take a 8", 10", 12", or 15" woofer, build a smallish sized sealed box (~1 cf... choose a woofer that would work well in that size), get it connected, and take an impedance measurement throughout the bass frequencies. Find where it peaks to like ~40 ohms or so, the EXACT frequency that it does it at.

Now, my understanding is that when the impedance peaks, the woofer is also extremely efficient at that frequency as well, so it will play just as loud as the other frequencies, or close, anyway.

THEN, you get 20 of these woofers, and put them in 20 IDENTICAL enclosures (we'll work off the assumption that the impedance spike is almost exactly 40 ohms). Couldn't you wire them up to the amp so that at that exact frequency it would be putting out full power at 2 ohms (assuming the amp that's chosen puts out full power at 2 ohms)? Wouldn't this setup be loud as hell?

It seems as though with only 1000 watts of RMS output from an amp, you could construct a vehicle that would be ridiculously loud.

Any reasons why this wouldn't work? Anyone else have crazy ideas? :-D
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