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Can someone PLEASE explain this to me?
because if I decided to go on my first actual gumption or gut feeling, I would think that this is a clever little ad or trying to convince people that heating food by shoving it up your rectum is actually the preferred way of eating at the dinner table.

in all honesty, I don't really know what Scandinavian really is. Is it Swedish is it Nordic is it something I don't know so maybe some of you folks out there in the world can explain this to me.

what I see in this commercial quite honestly boggles the mind. maybe it's just a woman thing but maybe seatbelts are kind of important and maybe they left that out I don't know??

I was going to start this through it on something else but quite honestly I think this is actually really more important to talk about since it really does leave that really nasty bad bitter beer after taste in the back your mouth..

for contacts this video came from article from Google sided from Mother Jones

and to be honest I'm getting that really weird kind of vibe that Mother Jones is one of those kind of weird kind of Vibes. Let me say this again Mother Jones gives me that really weird kind of vibes . kind of like remember back in the day when you went to the weird side of YouTube?

sorry for the punctuation and all the other BS but I'm just using text to type because quite honestly I'm lazy and I want to go to bed.

The good part or bad or whatever, is that the company had so much blow back, they took it out of circulation.

Now I get it.. Euro Weird is a thing. But.... My ScanSpeak is rusty.. But...And BUTT..

That's a LOT of BUTT. For Underage kids? That's what I got from the story. I know we got some EuroFaRgs here that could shed some light. I mean do you really just Bath Naked with each other? BE HONEST. Like.. FAMILY TIME? Like. AFTER THE AGE OF 8? EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

THAT lead me to this joy I was Alerted to by a U.K Bloke.

Okay .. So.. It was called X-Files. But its not the one with Mulder and Scully. Its ugh.. A bit sort of worse if you ask me.

Now.. That was weird. Cuz the first link? That was to.. WikiLeaks..

Belgium? Is that Scandinavian?

So Then.. I find this on Reddit. Um.. Its ART.... But I'm not going to sugar coat it. it's possibly some of the most haunting and if not vile images that have ever been painted.

The woman seems to be real, as she is rumored to have 100 personalities.

Again, grain of salt here. But it sure seems weird when you ask about the deaths from police officers to normal ho hum people.

so really I have to ask people who have a better understanding of what goes on in Europe than I do. Is this kind of stuff like normal in Europe?
it just seems so dark and sinister
admittedly, I'm not really a fan of making posts like this. But with the content as of late in the state of affairs with the coronavirus and everything else like that that's going around, I thought I might want to go ahead and maybe seek some clarity from people who are more level-headed tonight.

every once in a while some of this stuff just seems so unreal.
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