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I think the first thing you need to do, is list the mentioned 'best sq gear' you have... and what you'd actually be willing to trade for the DD subs.

I realize you recently got scammed... but at best, your post sounds a bit shady.
Put it this way; I've already had 2 members PM me asking to look into this post, and a 3rd has reported this post to the Admins.

Trying to help you out here... be more descriptive in what you have, and what you're willing to trade.

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Zapco Z 400.2 AP 9/10 condition
Purifi ptt6.5 4 ohm Aluminum cone version-new
2 modded 4 channel Vivaldi dream 4 amps 8/10 condition
Thiel 4 ohm sub- mint
Not pictured, but new- Bliesma t25 pods

the Zapco, Thiel and purifi were purchased here, and they can vouch for me.
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