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I currently have 2 12" Illusion Audio C12XL's in a prefab ported box from Fox Box. The truck is a 2019 Silverado Crewcab. Here are the specs for my current prefab box.
I am wanting to build a sealed box because it's counterproductive to have such great subs and then put them in a prefab.
The link below from Illusion suggests 1 cubic ft per sub.
My question is, can I use any of the same dimensions of the prefab, preferably the length and depth, and still build a box with roughly 1 cube per chamber? Or should I do one single chamber at 2 cubes? Also on the spec sheets listed in the PDF on the Illusion site for this sub, they suggest for one sub a 3/4" box with 50% Black Hole Stuff (seems similar to polyfill)
So can anyone help me with ideas, dimensions, and the best way to make this box? Downfire currently, but not opposed to up fire either. I need to learn how to use WIn ISD and REW but if anyone can model these subs in a sealed box and show me the best way to build them. Also, this is my first go at building a box and so any specifics, with polyfill, bracing, type of wood, etc. Please feel free to share your opinions.
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