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I'm looking for some ideas on how I can keep much of the dust out of the CD player in my Jeep. I know since I use it off road in a dusty environment that dust is going to get in there, but there's got to be a way to reduce it.

I pulled the player out earlier because it was starting to skip on some tracks and it didn't want to eject. I blew the dust out then took the top off and cleaned the laser and moving parts with Q-tips and alcohol. It works fine again, but I know it'll get like this again in a short amount of time.

Also the CD's get covered in dust too and get scratched (I only use recorded CD's in there so my good ones don't get ruined). I was thinking maybe using panty hose or something over the case so that it won't over heat being sealed up, but should limit the dust more than using nothing.

Any other ideas?
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