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Welcome to DIY Mobile Audio. DIYMA has quickly become one of the most informative sites on the internet for car audio enthusiasts. Now that you’ve found your way here, we, as the DIYMA community, would like to lay down a few ground rules for behavior, and etiquette.

1. Be mature. DIYMA is not a forum designed around the pursuit of annoying your neighbors, or those unfortunate enough to be stuck next to you at a stop light. Nobody here cares how cool you think you are, or how hard your subwoofers hit.

2. Be respectful. DIYMA is very fortunate to have many, many industry professionals, audio experts from various fields, and even many non-biased vendors looking to impart knowledge, even if it doesn’t lead to a sale. Being respectful doesn’t necessarily mean bowing down to such individuals, but calling people names, and generally being snotty will quickly get you on the list of individuals these people will ignore.

3. Be self-reliant. There’s a VERY good chance any question you have has already been addressed on the forum somewhere. Try doing a specific search for your topic. Be DILIGENT. Don’t just give up because your search yielded 200 results. Try refining your search, or even better, read through many of the threads. You may actually learn something relevant to your question. This bullet can’t be stressed enough. It’s very hard for the experts on this forum to weed through a slew of inane questions about which subwoofer hits harder to find actual relevant, good questions.

4. Be prepared to think critically. There’s a good chance that if you’ve been involved in car audio for more than 2 days, you’ve probably been inundated with so many myths Zeus himself would be proud. Much of what we do around here is debunking these myths. Be prepared to be challenged.

5. Be open minded. This goes with bullet four. There’s a difference between arguing because you’re stubborn, and arguing because you want somebody to be more clear on a topic. If somebody is saying something that goes against what you’ve been told in the past, then by all means ask for clarification. Telling somebody they are flat out wrong because your second cousin, that’s installed at least 5 stereos says something different is just being stubborn and ignorant.

Lastly, the DIY in DIYMA stands for DO IT YOURSELF. This goes for using the search button as well as taking a chance and trying a new speaker. Expecting somebody to just “tell” you the answer is not what this forum stands for. It’s about your personal exploration into car audio, and audio in general.
I've read it... Look forward to all the advice I'm sure I will need.

Haven't worried about a system in my truck for years. To busy with kids lol. I'm 48 so my last system was a 1000 watt pyramid amp. 2 - 12" MTX blue thunder with a Clarion pullout. Remember the days walking around the mall carrying your radio?? lol. I'm sure some of you do.
101 - 104 of 104 Posts