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........ heard anything like this before in a vehicle.i have a 93 ford explorer,full system consists of orion old school sx series amps,50w ea. tweet,150w ea. mid,200 ea of 4 subs,alpine 9833 deck,200 amp alt,0/1 power for the good stuff...... i just installed a set of lcy108 ribbons(kicks) and seas ca18rnx mids(doors).i have played around with some of the best car audio gear in 2way and 3 way sets,and boy have i wasted a lot of time and money(avi,alpine,rockford,eclipse,soundstream,aura,mtx,phoenix gold,sony,pioneer),to name a few.the midbass output from these drivers is phenomenal!and the ribbons,well let's just say people are starting to wonder what the grin is all about when i'm driving.then i let them have a listen and they leave with thier hand pullin out thier wallet.this is a very informative site and i am one happy camper!!never again will i shell out cash for a packaged system when i can DIY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks for listening /end rant/ :D
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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