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what 2 or 3way system would you recommend

hey guys
Biggie here from europe
been here on this forum for a while and been reading n gettin some good caraudio huices for my brain
decided to do my first SQ-build...mainly for competion here in the netherlands(
was wondering...what good 2 or 3 way component system would u recommend ?
Car is a toyota starlet
amps i have or 2 zx500 and 1 zx450
i have 2 12 inch alpine swr1222 subs
want a 2 or 3 way up front
was looking in to the alpine spx pro's
or dynaudio
diamond audio
rainbow compo's
dls 3 ways
(even considered the famous )pioneer compo 720prs

what do u guys suggest?
(i know...go out n listen to speakers)

The doors can be changed to fit the speakers...i can fit up to 8 inch in my doors because i can remake the doorpanel and make it to fit my needs
i'd like to install the tweet in the A-pillar (or maybe not,depends on the type of system) and the midrange and midbass in the doors..

n yeah...its also on a budget

Battle between the HU-
Alpine cda9887
blaupunkt bremen mp76
pioneer p880
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