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What are you listening to today ?

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As per tittle , what have you been listening to today ?

Hoping to discover some new music so post it up.

A couple of tracks to start with from "The Tiny Lies"

The Tiny Lies - Bag of Bones - YouTube

The Tiny Lies - I am a Ghost - YouTube
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Somebody get this man in a studio so we can have this in HQ

Anyone know of any other artists with music like this?

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check out some j-pop jazz from the 60’s.
Like Enoch Light and the Light Brigade. Very well produced music from one of the greatest band leaders and recording engineers ever

the records were usually owned by audiophiles so if you find them in the dollar bin they are usually pretty mint vinyl

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I'm gonna check those out but I would really be interested in something with a modern hip hop beat with good bass.

Been listening to Bucket for well over a year, wish I found his music years ago. A good 90% of my listening time goes to him, and I am still finding amazing work from him that I previously missed. Over 400 albums / pikes and counting. Doesn't care about money or fame, hell, he didn't even let anyone know his real identity for many years. He just loves making music, and I respect the hell out of that.
The man is the modern day Beethoven, but with much more enjoyable music.
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Pink Floyed - The Wall

This album will always be a favorite. A lot of... substances... were consumed in my teenage years listening to the wall on vinyl. You know when you're completely wasted when it takes all your effort to get up and flip the record.
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And a little Rap, Rock and country all in one song

One of the few rap artists I listen to these days. Hope he gets back to making good music like this.

One of the highest quality audio tracks I've found from Bucket. Excellence.

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