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What are you listening to today ?

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As per tittle , what have you been listening to today ?

Hoping to discover some new music so post it up.

A couple of tracks to start with from "The Tiny Lies"

The Tiny Lies - Bag of Bones - YouTube

The Tiny Lies - I am a Ghost - YouTube
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Alice In Chains ...... Would?
check out the Opeth version.
Sweet Pea Atkinson
Whole album is good
Lucas Nelson - Set Me Down on a Cloud (Live)
Beth Hart - Caught Out In the Rain
Rammstein - Mein Herz brennt (instrumental)

Princess Mononoke - The Legend of Ashitika
Gnash: i hate u, i love u but the clean version.
That Snowy White thing showed up in suggestions a month or so ago on my YouTube page. Finally succumbed to the clickbait and was well rewarded with a great tune. Dug a little deeper and found this:
Love me some new Rittz Bizets Carman theme nicely used
Not available in the US market. :veryangry:
Red Grey Matter dug up another gem:

World's greatest backup singer:
Red Grey Matter posted this song, I did a little poking around and found the original.

Which led me to this one.

Used the Music Map to discover this.
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Kaz Hawkins - Feelin' Good
Rewards great mids. Bettye LaVette:

Rewards two great 12's in a confined space. THE FEVER 333:
I count on RGM to find some great hidden gems:

Ash Wilson:

Bronk & Sven Zetterberg:

Ana Popovic:
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I was thinking "meh" until that solo ...and then I was :cool: ...:) ...:D ...:surprised: ...:eek: ...goosebumps! I think DG would be honored.
These guys remind me of Sonia Data in that the musicianship is great but ultimately, the lead singer isn't very engaging.
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