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What are you listening to today ?

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As per tittle , what have you been listening to today ?

Hoping to discover some new music so post it up.

A couple of tracks to start with from "The Tiny Lies"

The Tiny Lies - Bag of Bones - YouTube

The Tiny Lies - I am a Ghost - YouTube
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Pink Floyd. "echoes" today

Often leaves me in an unusual frame of mind. Like the minds been on a journey and suffered some kind of emotional loss along the way and then come though to the other side.

Either way , love the "Waters & Gilmour" bass playing on this.
Special day ! End of one chapter and the start of the next........ Enjoy
Weekend away
Wife & 2 y/o daughter for company
Cold evening by the fire
Cooked a nice dinner of lamb racks, bottle of fav red wine
Cafe Del Mar vols 14 playing on non descript 4 in one stereo

Perfect day
Bit of local music again. Summer sounds in NZ

Salmonella Dub - For The Love of It
Swing kids soundtrack. Would love to hear this track via some horns. Reckon the brass would sound great.
Thanks for the positive posts guys !

Bit of rockin on the way home tonight.

Brother inlaw used to play bass in a band called Mad Light

Argentina's answer to Within Temptation

Lost Souls | Solsticio
Loved that one, thanks.

...and Father Guido!!! LOL

A fellow Kiwi for Neal. ;) ...I had Thomas Oliver on rotation this evening...AMAZING harmonic overtones from this Weissenborn!

This one is a bit long, but I recommend that you watch through to the of my favorites of his.
Ironically I hadn't heard of him, yet he did a free concert only 2 mins from where I work in Jan. Looks like he's coming our way again so will definitely go next time.
Brought a CD a few years back by Faithless called "To all the arrivals ".
It's seems to be written from a new parent POV and is about the dreams and hopes we have for our offspring.

Didn't play it much at the time as we're trying to have a family and some of the song lyrics hit home. Quite a few years on we're parents and its awesome every day.

I've started listening to the faithless cd again and can really relate to the tracks and lyrics.
That aside one track "I hope" is one of those ambient music starts that turns into a dance track. The low end / bass towards the track end is great. Give it a try.
Diana Krall for me today. Vinyl rip to flac.
What rip software do you use ? It's on my around to list to rip all my albums and 80s 12 inch collection.

After something that does 24/96k flac but haven't looked around for a while.
Just download Audacity, Audacity: Download . It's free and perfect for this. You'll even find some great tutorials on YouTube for cleaning up the ticks and pops in your vinyl rips.

I just do the clip/pop removal, and only the other steps if the Vinyl is in really bad condition...Check out:

Cleaning Vinyl Audio Recordings in Audacity (Surface Noise & Pops) - YouTube

Using a humidifier in the room with the turntable before you start your rips greatly reduces static electricity and the resulting clicks and pops.

I'm using the Numark TTXUSB turntable (but I am bypassing the USB and built-in phono preamp and using the Ifi Micro iPhono phono preamp, or the Arturia Audiofuse), only because I had about 50+ Home-Cut Records that my Grandmother, Great Aunt, and their friends "recorded" or cut at home and I needed something with a wide range of variable speed control. I also purchased a special cartridge, needles, and cleaning supplies just for this purpose from KAB Electro Acoustics

For modern LPs, I am using the Denon DL160 cartridge with the Ifi Micro iPhono phono preamp...

Micro – iPhono or iFi Micro iPhono MM/MC Phono Preamp at Music Direct

Just like car audio, this vinyl/turntable thing is a venture down the rabbit hole, but it's fun. Check out YouTube member "BSD2000" for some great Rips...

In other news, I've been listening to Adam Ben Ezra...
Cheers for the info.

Will give this a try. Will be ripping via a kenwood kd600 / sme 3009 tonearm / dynavector moving coil cartridge.

For noisy records another way to reduce clicks and pops is to spray alot of record cleaner on the track. The fluid reduces the surface noise. Picked up this tip from a radio station DJ back in the 1980s

Need to pick up a record cleaning / vacuum machine as well?
Two bands that had a huge influence on my early listening.

Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead

Killing Joke - Love Like Blood
Here's a couple of bands I haven't listen to for a while ?
Ha mine too the cd player works, front usb reads but no output on the front usb for some reason. DAMMIT
My turn today. PPI DSP-88r remote on signal is dead ! The basics of this unit are a POS.
Billie Holiday this afternoon. Throw back to childhood memories of Gershwin , Ella Fitzgerald and other Jazz records being played on the family gramophone, (78 rpm BSR turntable, mono valve amp via open baffle two way speakers )

Usually for Billie Holiday the Sanarta song was recorded in Stereo

I'm a fool
[email protected] good, Neal! Billie is always divine. Unfortunately, I can't play that particular video...YouTube says, "Not available in your country"! :mad: wth?!
Another link added

On the Pink Floyd SACD front DSOTM "time" is bizarre in 5.1

Sounds like the room is full of clocks along with all the 5.1 panning going on.
80s throw back today. The blue Nile was on of those must own hifi records out of linn recording. Has aged a bit but great soundstage and bass player

And a bit of early New Order
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