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What brand of template tape?

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So I stopped at my local WoodCraft store to grab a roll of template tape, today.
I think it was Spectape, but it was 1" x 36 yard roll for $35, the 2" was $54.
IMO it seems a tad pricey for tape, although, it'll prolly last me years.
If it's the bees knees, then it is what it is, I'll grit my teeth and grab a roll.
When I got home I poked around on Amazon and found plenty of crappy off brand stuff with lots of one star reviews primarily because of excess residue after removal.
They did have some Spectape, and the pricing was a little cheaper, but still pricey.
Home Depot has several name brand options from Gorilla, Scotch, and 3M, but they're listed as permanent adhesion.
So what are you guys using?
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i use double sided banner tape. Its about $23 for a roll. Used to be $12
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This stuff seemed decent when I used it
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i use double sided banner tape. Its about $23 for a roll. Used to be $12
Grimco website right? Bookmarked! Thanks!

This stuff seemed decent when I used it
That is actually one of the brands I looked at as a possibility, thou the thicker 1" version. I really wanted to have some thin stuff as well as the thicker width stuff.

I've been watching quite a few of Mark's CAF vids on Youtube, as of late, and I've been itching to try some new things.
So I bought a new Milwaukee M18 Fuel cordless router with plunge base, and I'm trying to think up some fun practice projects.:)
Now I can leave my big bulky Craftsman router in the table! Yay!

Plus, one of the CNC channels I watch uses it on certain types of parts, and I'd like to have some in my box at work, if the opportunity presents itself.
God I saw 5hat router go on sale and I nearly grabbed it but I have a corded Makita already and I don't want to hassle with selling it off or something lol
Yes Grimco. If you have a sign place in your area, maybe walk in and ask them to pull you off 5 or 10 feet or give you a near empty roll. Just so you can test it out.
I bought this:
Template tape

Works great for me and it's cheap. If you're actually using it as template tape, I don't know what more you could want. It has just enough stick, it's super thin and it removes without leaving residue. I like 1/2" as I generally don't have to trim it down for small parts and can simply use a little more for large parts.
Been using this stuff for a few years and have never had any issues with it, as long as you make sure to really press when you're putting your pieces together.

Intertape 591
Blue painters/Frog tape and CA glue + activator also works quite well. I no longer keep template tape on hand, as this works just as good and I need these items in the shop for other uses. One less thing to reorder/keep track of.
Thanks for the responses! I ended up going with the XFasten that @Turb0Yoda linked.
I ordered a 1/4" x 20 yard 8 pack for $10.49 and a 3/4" x 20 yard for $12.99. They should be here Thursday, with free Prime delivery.
If it's not below freezing this weekend, I'll try to get out to the garage and get a few cuts in, for an update.
On a side note, this sexy beast showed up at my door, last week!
Really love the feel and build quality!
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