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What is the technical side of ground loop / alt whine noise?
It seems interesting to me that a ground loop in the electrical system can lead to noise through the amp and speakers. Since you have a very large cap bank in the power supply of your amp, shouldn't that be filtered out and never make it into the signal output side?
Do the caps in the power supply just not allow for enough filtering of the signal, so the modulated power fed to the amp is what is being boosted to create the amplified audio output? But If that's the case, why doesn't alt noise not get louder in proportion to volume of the amp?
This question comes from me having alt whine currently, and another strange symptom. With no RCAs plugged into the DSP that is the only signal source of my amps, i still get very quiet output of whatever my headunit is playing when I turn the volume up to check for noise floor. And in trying to figure out why, I started thinking that maybe the audio signal is somehow making it's way from the headunit into the cars power/ground, and that signal making it's way to the speakers through the amp.
Anyone have any info on how a ground loop becomes audible, or any other strange noise in a system comes about?
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