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I just finished crimping my wires today and finished matching the correct colors. I will be installing my wiring harness to my brand new Apple Carplay / Android Auto touchscreen aftermarket stereo tomorrow. This is a DIY project. I finally learned what all the colors mean for each of the wires. But there is one color that is not listed in the wiring diagram in my harness manual and I don't know what it is for.

It looks like a tan color. Take a look at this photo that I just took and look at the highlighted portion of the photo. Can you tell me what that wire is for?
So I have
  • Yellow - Constant 12V
  • Black - Ground
  • Red - Accessory
  • Blue - Power Atenna 12V
  • Orange - Dimmer/Illumination
  • Gray - Right Front (+) (Positive)
  • Gray/Black - Right Front (-) (Negative)
  • White - Left Front (+) (Positive)
  • White/Black - Left Front (-) (Negative)
(In my case, my stereo wiring diagram calls it violet)
  • Purple or Violet - Right Rear (+) (Positive)
  • Purple/Black or Violet/Black - Right Rear (+) (Negative)
  • Green - Left Rear (+) (Positive)
  • Green/Black - Left Rear (-) (Negative)
Then there is
  • Tan - The black text that is on the cable is labeled as
"AWM | A 80(degree Celsius) 300v 20AWG FTI LF


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Based on the the wires/colors you listed, amplifier remote turn-on is missing. This can be verified by testing the tan wire with a meter. If it is remote turn-on, there should be 0 VDC with the head unit off, and 12 VDC (I believe) with the H/U on
Ah, got it! Thank you! In another forums, they called it a pink color and that pink represents +12V or (positive)12volts in my case because I have a Kia speaker harness and I learned that different makes of vehicles have different color codes and that they mean different things. For the most part they are the same like the speakers, power, and ground wires have the same other but then the other colors can mean different thing based on vehicle's configuration.
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