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What Do you guys and gals think

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About Diamond Audio Products.

I installed a pair of there 6-1/2 component Set's and they sound awesome, Has good clartly and handles the power.

But honestly their craftsmanship is the best, They chromed the mangets for god's sake and the way they cool the vocie coil is unquie


What about these plye's ??

The power rating is bs. About 30% lower would be more correct. They are the best sub 60$ 6-1/2's i have ever heard

The mangetic is pretty strong Enough to hold it upside down on my garge door



I found some great home audio 5-1/4's by the

The do make them in 4 Ohm's And they really do handle what is says.

take a look


Finaly is there any other website like ?
that offer similar stuff ?

The only other one that comes close is But they are ****ing high
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Bumping in less than a half hour won't get you the responses you're looking for. Just a heads up.

There are several other DIY sites with some different options, but PE is certainly a good one. Madisound is another. I've never been a big fan of anything Pyle with the available options in a 6.5-7" mid. Run a little search on the ID OEM or Dayton RS and you'll see some other lower priced alternatives.
thanx, by the way i asked 2 hours ago and bumped 45 mins ago.
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